Valhalla Enterprises

What is Valhalla Enterprises?

Valhalla Enterprises (VE) is a computer consulting company. Entailing, but not limited to, web design, web hosting, server administration, network design and administration, and PC repair.

Who is VE?

The sole owner and operator is me, Lehi K. Davis. I started the business in 1993 and have been operating ever since.

What can you do for me?

I've done a number of webpages, nothing fancy, I'm a minimalist by definition. I don't like flashy things as a general rule, so that is a strike against me. My strong point is server and network administration. I'm a fanatic about security, uptime and stability and network connectivity. If you go with me for web hosting, you'll never have to worry about downtime being my fault, if my link goes down, I'm on it like flies on honey!

What are your credentials?

You can check out my resume, ( html | pdf | rtf | txt | opendocument text ) and some of the sites that I've designed:

Where are you at?

I reside in northwestern Virginia, and can make on-site visits in the DC Metro area.

How can I contact you?

Easy, email. lehi at davisbluff dot us.

email: lehi at
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